Honeymooners make waves

Newlyweds Ted and Hildie chose a Whitsundays cruise for their honeymoon last year, and the team at Beyond Borders were there to support them along the way. The happy couple came back for more, exploring New Zealand’s South Island.

Both intrepid travellers acquired brain injuries at a very young age, and despite a poor prognosis at the time, their disabilities have not stopped them enjoying life and love.

The couple became friends over Sunday morning tea at church a few years ago, and their relationship grew over tea and scones at Hildie’s home.

Ted, who has worked at the Endeavour Production site in Toowoomba for the past 40 years, managed to win over Hildie’s father, Gawie, who says: “I have to admit I could take quite a few lessons from Ted on how a lad should be looking after his lady.”

Ted has been on many supported holidays with Beyond Borders over the years and after proposing to Hildie, he invited his bride-to-be to join him on an adventure to Melbourne and Mount Buller in July 2019.

Travelling together for the first time can sometimes make or break a relationship, but Ted and Hildie found communication and patience were the key to being together around the clock in unfamiliar surroundings.

“While down south, Ted and Hildie really looked out for each other,” says Beyond Borders’ Nickola Zeeuwen.

The experience promised fair winds for the happy couple, so they decided to book their honeymoon cruise in the Whitsundays in November 2019, with the Beyond Borders team and fellow travellers there to support them as they began their new life together.

In February 2020, the newlyweds joined Beyond Borders again for a trip to the South Island of New Zealand, and you couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces, even when Ted was unwell, and they missed out on a helicopter ride due to poor weather. Hildie was particularly proud to introduce Ted as her husband and sing his praises.

Ted and Hildie are a shining example of love, loyalty and relationship, and the ability to live life to the full in spite of the obstacles that may come our way.

They are an important part of the Beyond Borders travelling community, which fosters mutual support and friendship.

Published: 31/08/2020

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