Unleash your potential to make positive family and community change

Do you want to act on issues that affect your family? Be a leader in your community? Perhaps your child has a disability and you want to change public policy. Or the area you live in has no affordable or suitable childcare. UnitingCare has teamed up with Micah Projects, the Family Inclusion Network and the Parent Leadership Training Institute to equip you with new skills to effect change as a parent.

We all face challenges in our parenting journey and learning new skills can assist us to overcome these challenges. The Parent Leadership Training Institute program aims to empower and support parents to promote change or to be leaders within their community. Under the program, you will:

  • Enjoy a free, 20-week leadership program for parents
  • Attend a weekly class, where you will share a meal with your fellow participants and learn about society, children, democracy and government as parent-leaders.
  • Listen to guest speakers sharing valuable insight into community, communication, politics, policy and budget.
  • Gain an understanding of child and human development.
  • Work on a community project, taking action on matters you care about that affect your family.
  • Have childcare, transport and dinner provided.

Parent Leadership Training Institute

The Parent Leadership Training Institute originated in Connecticut, US, to empower parents to fulfil their potential as community leaders. The institute partners with community groups to help parents around the world make positive changes in their communities for children and families. Watch the video below for an insight into the program.

Parent Leadership Training Institute

Eligibility criteria

This program is for parents from all communities, so don’t hesitate to apply. A typical class includes people from all social, economic and cultural backgrounds – diversity is the key and everyone is welcome.

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