COVID-19 Update

Due to the State Government’s easing of public restrictions in relation to non-essential shopping, we’re opening selected Lifeline Shops across Queensland from Tuesday 5 May.

Please use our Lifeline Shop locator to find out about your local store.

To keep our employees, volunteers and customers safe, we have implemented a number of social distancing measures to ensure the health and safety for everyone entering our stores.

Our Lifeline 13 11 14 Crisis Line remains open 24/7 to support Queenslanders in crisis. Through COVID-19, we’re here for you.

Why donate to Lifeline?

Your couch could save a life! When you donate to Lifeline and buy at Lifeline Shops, you are helping save lives – the sale of these pre-loved items helps fund the 24-hour 13 11 14 Lifeline crisis support line.


You’re also giving someone else the chance to buy something you no longer want or need; one person's clutter is another's must-have! You're also reducing your impact on the environment by giving things another life, and keeping them out of landfill.


So whether it’s a large item, such as an old comfy sofa, china cabinet or dining suite, or a smaller piece, such as books, clothing and other bric-a-brac, don’t let it collect dust. It could just save someone’s life.

Find Lifeline Donation Bin near you

Thank you so much for your donation!


How to donate

It’s easy to donate to Lifeline. Follow these steps to keep our shops filled with unique and high-quality items and our lifesaving 13 11 14 crisis line available 24/7.

Deciding what to donate


Furniture of all kinds — from couches to cabinets, and beds to bedside tables — is greatly appreciated. These larger items can be resold in our Lifeline shops and because of their higher value go a long way towards saving lives.

Please make sure they are clean and in good condition.


Clothing makes a great donation – not only does it raise funds to help save lives, it can be resold cheaply to bargain hunters. We accept good-quality, wearable clothing, shoes and accessories, with no rips, stains or tears. If you would give it to a friend, you could donate it to Lifeline. If you'd like to go the extra mile for us, you could bag the items up in lots (eg into women's, men's or children's clothing), and make sure shoes are in pairs, with the laces tied together.


Books are a great way to share the love. They can be resold at Lifeline Shops, as well as our dedicated Lifeline Bookshops. And don’t forget the wonderful Lifeline Bookfest events, which are held all over Queensland.


Bric-a-brac that no longer has a place in your home could be a perfect fit for someone else's. Declutter and donate that unwanted wine rack, candelabra, crockery, and any other curios and ornaments you might have lying around.

Make the donation


Small items can be placed inside your nearest Lifeline donation bin or dropped into your local Lifeline shop during opening hours.


We really appreciate people dropping their goods into one of our Shops wherever possible, to ensure items aren’t damaged by the weather, especially when a donation bin is nearly full. Remember you can report a full Lifeline donation bin here.

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Request a free pick up
Large items can be dropped off locally or you can request a free pick-up.

Make your donation count!

Make sure your gifts go inside Lifeline donation bins or Lifeline shops. If you leave them outside, they could be stolen or damaged by the weather. It costs us money to remove damaged items, meaning our 24-hour 13 11 14 Lifeline Crisis Support Line misses out on vital funds.


For more donation information, contact your nearest Lifeline Shop.