Psychological First Aid

Develop skills to respond to those in distress after critical events and natural disasters.

Psychological First Aid is a crisis support training program that equips participants to provide support to people in the aftermath of a disaster or critical event.

Psychological First Aid is support that is given:

  • To someone immediately following a disaster or critical event.
  • Until more appropriate professional help is available.
  • Until the person is less overwhelmed and more able to cope.

Psychological First Aid seeks to:

  • Reduce the initial distress.
  • Foster short and long-term adaptive functioning (build resilience).
  • Minimise the risk of further harm.

The training is delivered by qualified, experienced Lifeline trainers. Participants receive a Statement of Attendance at completion of the course.

Course brochuer

  • Psychological First Aid Course
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How it works

Format: Three-hour, face-to-face session with a qualified Lifeline trainer.

Resources: Handouts.

Outcome: Participants will learn how to provide human social support to people impacted by a disaster or critical event.

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