UnitingCare. Here for you


People are at the centre of everything we do. We are here to ensure that your care, needs, beliefs and views are respected and met at all times. Our dedication to providing personalised care continues across the entire UnitingCare family, including BlueCare, Lifeline Queensland, our hospitals and ARRCS.


After all, if it weren't for you, we wouldn’t be here.


Our promise to you


At UnitingCare, we recognise that you are unique, as are your needs and goals. We understand that each of you have your own rights, history, spirituality, beliefs and culture, and we promise to work hard to ensure that these are fully respected.


Your family is our family. We ensure that your nominated carers, family members or significant people in your life are included in the help and support you receive and may require.


Your goals are our goals


Our goal is to consistently deliver compassionate and respectful care based on our values, in accordance with your wishes. We aim to:

  • Act with compassion: We recognise the uniqueness of each person and their circumstances. We promise to listen to your needs and wants and to work alongside you as you navigate the care and services you require.
  • Respect you: We respect you, your choices and your values. We see you as a whole person, are accountable to you and respect the confidentiality of your information.
  • Strive for justice: We are committed to ethical practices and promise to distribute our services fairly. We will plan with you, consider your views and concerns, and advocate for your access to the services you need.
  • Work together: We promise to be inclusive, seek your engagement and participation, and work with you and your loved ones to enhance your wellbeing, achieve your goals and get the best possible outcomes for you.


How we listen to your needs


We work hard to ensure that we provide the correct care for your needs, beliefs and situation. We tailor support and care for all: the elderly, those who need physical assistance, those in crisis – whether it's a family or an individual, and people seeking medical advice, help and treatment.

Are we doing our best for you?

 We value feedback. It helps us improve our services and allows us to ensure your needs are fulfilled every time you require our help or advice.

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Your feedback is important to us
We welcome compliments and complaints.