Family situations aren't always easy but we’re here to support every family member to live safe, healthy and productive lives, even when the chips are down.


Whether it’s navigating the difficult waters of separation, helping to maintain precious bonds between parent and child, or simply finding ways to become a better parent, UnitingCare can help. Even in the midst of family violence, we work to change behaviours and provide sanctuary. Our early education and childcare services stretch across the state (even to places with co-ordinates instead of an address) to ensure every Queenslander has the opportunity to reach their potential.


And we don’t do it alone – we'll work with you, local communities, other service providers and government to help build thriving and resilient communities.

Group of women with arms around each other's backs
Domestic and family violence
UnitingCare is passionate about working with families and children to move toward safe and comfortable family lives. We do this through crisis accommodation, counselling, and men’s behaviour change programs.
Young girl climbing on her father's back
Family law services
UnitingCare’s family law services work with intact and separated families to protect essential bonds between parents and their children in times of difficulty or separation, in a safe and supportive way.
Young girl playing outside with mother
Parenting support
Whether you want to build your confidence as a parent, are worried about a child’s safety, or want your children to return to you from out-of-home care, we can support you, always with the child’s wellbeing in mind.
mother with her two children and grandmother outside
Outback families
Life in the Outback can have its challenges. UnitingCare offers families a range of early childhood education, including playgroups, parenting support, in-home care and more, as well as support for communities doing it tough.
Laughing toddler splashes in a backyard blow-up pool while a woman sprays her with water from the hose.
Early Childhood Approach
Find out how we support you and your child in their early years, through the Early Childhood Approach program.