Making a meaningful difference, together

We’re on a mission to make a meaningful difference every day, working with thousands of Australians to ensure they live life in all its fullness. As a passionate, not-for-profit organisation, UnitingCare understands that what we’ve done for the past hundred years (and what we’ll keep doing for the next hundred) really matters – to all kinds of people, with all kinds of needs, in all kinds of communities.

We’re a strong, inclusive, diverse, and flexible team. Togetherness is our strength because together we can do more. That’s why we want people who are great as individuals, and even better in a team. People who stand up for what is right. Who are open to new ideas. Who champion innovation. Who lead through learning, and lead by example.

So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to make a meaningful difference, to grow, thrive and to be rewarded ... it’s time you joined UnitingCare.

Work with us

At UnitingCare you are part of something bigger. The reach of our health and community services around Queensland and the Northern Territory enable us to make a real difference, every day. Browse our job vacancies to find the right role for you.

Employee benefits

When you work for UnitingCare you will have the support you need to thrive. We’re driven to have a happy, healthy work culture with genuine work-life balance and wellbeing programs that support our people so you can flourish.

Student placements and traineeships

Our student placement and traineeship programs are a wonderful way to gain valuable skills and experience whilst making a difference to the lives of others. We offer various opportunities across a number of different roles. Contact us today to find out how we can help each other!

Job opportunities

We are leaders in crisis response, the protection of vulnerable children, financial resilience, family wellbeing, disability support, hospitals, aged care and more. Take a look at the wide range of roles and current vacancies at UnitingCare.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

At UnitingCare, we are proud to be a diverse and inclusive employer and community service provider. Our approach is simple – everybody is welcome here. Learn more about our priority areas for inclusion.

People with disability
LGBTQ+ communities
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Culturally and linguistically diverse people
Gender equality
An artwork by South Sea Islander and Butchulla artist and designer Tarni O’Shea, featuring a central element representing rejuvenation of the land through fire, constructive conversations, and creating an environment of learning and healing. This is surrounded by nurturing elements depicting UnitingCare business functions. Freshwater and saltwater flows around this, connecting UnitingCare to people far and wide.
Life in all its fullness artwork

In 2020, South Sea Islander and Butchulla artist and designer Tarni O’Shea was commissioned to create an artwork to celebrate the launch of our Reconciliation Action Plan.

UnitingCare’s reconciliation story is embedded on a foundation layer acknowledging more than 65,000 years of culture that have guided us here today. The central element represents rejuvenation of the land through fire, constructive conversations, and creating an environment of learning and healing. It evolves to reinvigorate the environment, just as UnitingCare adapts to support and guide people through personalised care. This only happens when equality, respect, compassion and self-determination are present. Nurturing the growth of this environment are UnitingCare business functions. These represent the vital role UnitingCare and all parts of the organisation play in sustaining the vitality of the environment. Every element contributes to the health of the environment, helping to share knowledge and build relationships.

Freshwater and saltwater flows around this, connecting UnitingCare to people far and wide. Throughout, the centre is radiant and flourishing, representing the growth and opportunities that come with being connected and empowered. When all these elements work together, a nurtured spirit ignites and thrives. With ongoing care, the environment grows stronger, empowering UnitingCare to let its spirit soar.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How do I look for a job?

    You can find links to all of our vacancies here

  • Q. How do I apply for a job?

    Once you have found a job you are interested in, via our Job opportunities page, select the listing and follow the prompts.

  • Q. Who do I contact if I have problems with an online application?

    You can email for help.

  • Q. Can I apply for a vacancy if I am on a Visa?

    Yes, you can apply for an advertised vacancy. However, not all roles at UnitingCare meet Visa sponsorship requirements. We need to verify your Visa details to ensure eligibility for employment as part of the pre-employment process.

  • Q. How will you assess my application?

    We will assess your application against the duties and responsibilities, knowledge, skills and experience required of the advertised position.

  • Q. When would I expect to hear if I am shortlisted for the position?

    We aim to advise short-listing outcomes as soon as possible. Please contact the manager responsible for the recruitment process if you have any questions about the progress of your application.

  • Q. What selection processes do you use?

    We use a variety of selection processes after reviewing your application, such as telephone screening, group interviews or assessment, individual interviews, work tests and psychometric testing. Some positions may require a medical assessment and probity screening (such as criminal history check or working with children checks).

  • Q. What should I expect when I come in for an interview?

    Generally, you would be interviewed by a panel of two or three people. Interviews are conducted in a professional and structured manner. You will be asked about your skills and experience relevant to the position, and all candidates will be asked the same questions for equity and fairness. You may be asked to undertake a work test (a task relating to the position) or prepare a response to a scenario.

  • Q. If I commence as a volunteer, could this lead to a paid job?

    Volunteering is not a formal pathway to paid employment. While you are volunteering with our organisation, you are welcome to apply for any of our advertised paid positions.

  • Q. Who can I contact if I have any questions about a career with UnitingCare?

    Please contact if you have any questions.

  • Q. What should I expect when I come in for an interview?

    You will meet the hiring manager and potentially the recruiter for the area you wish to join. The interview might be conducted by a panel – one to three members of the organisation – or take the form of a group assessment. When we confirm your interview, we will let you know which one to expect. You will be asked questions:

    • About your skills and competencies relevant to the role.
    • To understand how well you align to our organisation’s culture.

    You will also be given an understanding of the role and the opportunity to ask your own questions.

    UnitingCare uses the behavioural interview model of assessment, using behavioural interview questions. This method establishes how an individual will perform tasks associated with a role, measured against criteria or capabilities. Capabilities include behaviours, skills and knowledge an individual is expected to understand, apply and demonstrate in order to perform the role proficiently. The interviewer is seeking to find out real examples of your experience and behaviour when dealing with a certain task or capability. An example of this style of question is “Tell me about a time when…” or “Give me an example of…”

    Good luck!

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