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Change lives, yours included


Our communities are stronger thanks to the generosity of people who put their hand up to help. Whether it's visiting an older person for a cuppa, going on holiday with a person with disability, sorting books at the Lifeline Bookfest or serving in a Lifeline Shop, volunteering brings people together.


We cherish the skills and unique perspective of each of our volunteers, and warmly welcome volunteers with all types of abilities, experience and availability. Maybe you would like to volunteer with your company, school, community group or even virtually as a remote e-volunteer.


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Read more below about how and where you can volunteer with us to find a position that's a perfect fit!


Volunteer at an event

Throughout Queensland we hold events to help raise money, awareness and support for people doing it tough. These events wouldn't be possible without the help of our wonderful volunteers, who selflessly share their time, skills and enthusiasm to make them a success.

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Social support volunteering

If you have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and love helping people get out and about in the community, this might be for you! Make a real difference in the life of someone who is vulnerable or dependent on others to have a more active social life.

Volunteer Impact Report

See how our volunteers change lives
At UnitingCare, we are proud of the daily efforts of our volunteers across our organisation. To celebrate and share that, we have launched our inaugural Volunteer Impact Report, detailing the actions and outcomes of what our people, services and programs have undertaken and achieved.

Corporate volunteering

Get your team together to help make a difference


For your next team building day, why not like help out at a working bee or sort books for the Lifeline Bookfest? You can give back to your community while developing a wide range of skills at a program near you. These opportunities are open to companies, schools and community groups!


We welcome one-off, short-term and long-term volunteering for groups - and we'll work with you to find a project or event that is a great fit for your team.


To put your hand up to help out, please register via our volunteer enquiry form.



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Ever thought about e-volunteering?

It's not always possible to donate your time and skills in person, which is why we've introduced e-volunteering. It's a way for people to volunteer electronically, whether by using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Thankfully, due to today's technology, virtually anyone can volunteer, no matter where you are.

If you have a project idea you’d like to discuss that involves e-volunteering, get in touch with us today!



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Diversity, equity and inclusion
At UnitingCare, we are proud to be a diverse and inclusive employer and community service provider. Our approach is simple – everybody is welcome here.
An artwork by South Sea Islander and Butchulla artist and designer Tarni O’Shea, featuring a central element representing rejuvenation of the land through fire, constructive conversations, and creating an environment of learning and healing. This is surrounded by nurturing elements depicting UnitingCare business functions. Freshwater and saltwater flows around this, connecting UnitingCare to people far and wide.
UnitingCare follows the Australian National Strategy for Volunteering 2023-2033 from Volunteering Australia and acknowledges the following statement: The National Strategy for Volunteering recognises that community giving has been taking place in First Nations communities for tens of thousands of years. It is committed to recognising the contribution of First Nations Peoples and celebrating the power of volunteering and community giving to promote reconciliation.

Our commitment to volunteers

UnitingCare commits to ensuring:

  • Leaders have the right skills and capability for managing volunteer involvement
  • The roles, rights and responsibilities of the volunteer, employee, manager and employer are understood and respected
  • Volunteers are provided with tasks and activities that are safe, meaningful, fulfilling and appreciated
  • The workplace culture is inclusive and flexible and encourages the active participation of all volunteers
  • Robust practices, documentation and measures enable the organisation to manage volunteer involvement in line with the strategic, missional and operational goals
  • We have defined and transparent practices and accountabilities for managing volunteering in the organisation.


We've answered most of the commonly asked questions here, but if you need further information, or just want to know what you can do to help to make a difference, please get in touch via the Volunteering Portal.


  • Q. Will I be reimbursed for any expenses I incur while volunteering, and if so, what kinds of expenses would I be able to claim?

    Unfortunately, we aren’t able to reimburse volunteers for their out-of-pocket expenses at this time. From time to time we are able to apply for grants for certain projects and this can fund expenses associated with that particular project.

  • Q. If I volunteer for your organisation, will I be able to get a paid job eventually?

    Volunteering for UnitingCare is not a transitional period into employment. We will never ask potential employees to volunteer first, and volunteers do not become paid staff. While you are volunteering with us, you are encouraged to apply for any paid roles that arise if you are looking to change to a paid position within the organisation.

  • Q. I have never worked or I am new to the country or state. Do I still require two referees for my application?

    All volunteers will need to supply two referees, either personal or professional, who are not related to them. If you are unsure of who you can use, or don’t think you will be able to supply two referees, give us a call on 07 3253 4000.

  • Q. My child is 12 years old and is very mature for their age. Can they volunteer through the school holidays?

    For insurance purposes, our volunteers must be aged 15 years and over. There are some instances where parents or guardians can apply to volunteer with their child - this depends very much upon the circumstances and the role.

    If you or someone you know is interested in volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Management Team at: volunteer@uccommunity.org.au

female volunteer wearing a bright orange vest working in a clothing donation facility
To become a volunteer, visit our Volunteering Portal

Simply follow our three-step sign-up:

  1. Search and select a volunteer activity.
  2. Fill in an application by creating an account.
  3. Scroll down and click Sign Up in the schedule.

If there are no current activities or opportunities that interest you, please sign up to a waiting list or select “Volunteer My Way” to register your interest.

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UnitingCare volunteer opportunities

We also offer volunteer opportunities at BlueCare, ARRCS, Lifeline Queensland, The Wesley Hospital, St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, Buderim Private Hospital and St Stephen’s Hospital.