Helping you live life in all its fullness

Every day we’re engaging with people from all walks of life. Through our accessible services, we’re committed to empowering older people, those living with a disability, people requiring health care in hospital or at home, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, children and families. Our focus is on meeting people where they are and walking alongside them to achieve positive change and growth.

young indigenous girl laying down in park
Young people
lady with long brown hair outside smiling
happy family with disabled child outside
Children and families
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
senior citizen smiling
happy disabled man working at café smiling
People with disability

Inclusivity and diversity


  • Welcomes people of different races, cultural backgrounds, family structure, gender, age, language, abilities, financial means, religion or sexuality
  • Promotes and enables access to services on the basis of need, suitability and availability
  • Promotes equality of opportunity, rights and access to social and economic wellbeing
  • Respects and is sensitive to people from other cultural and linguistic backgrounds and their community ties
  • Engages our cultural advisors and other resources to identify and understand differences in customs and roles in the lives of our clients
  • Respects the culture, history and the importance of kinship and land to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Demonstrates respect and seeks positive change, guided by our Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Celebrates and believes in the strength of a diverse and inclusive workforce to help us achieve the best outcomes for the people we support

Built on compassion

At UnitingCare, we strive to help all the people we serve experience life in all its fullness.