Keeping families together

At UnitingCare we recognise that every family is different. We work with families facing difficulty and offer help when it is most needed.


Parenting is a continuous learning curve, which is why we take a holistic approach with the wellbeing of the child top of mind. Whether it’s support to strengthen your family unit, help to keep your children safe and in the family home, parenting strategies, or returning your child from out-of-home care, we’re here to support you with the most up-to-date developments and approaches.


We can help you explore new parenting styles, understand children's behaviour, learn about child development and ways to stimulate development, and learn how to manage stress or depression.

Our parenting programs

With your child’s wellbeing as a priority, our programs are designed to support all members of the family:

  • Family and Child Connect puts families in touch with the support they need as soon as problems arise
  • Family Support Program provides counselling, mediation, parenting skills and household management strategies to families
  • Intensive Family Support Service (IFSS) teaches families how to nurture, protect and keep children safe and ultimately keep families together
  • Family Intervention Service (FIS) shares parenting skills to help protect your children and keep them in the family home
  • Systemic Counselling for Optimal Placement Experience (SCOPE) provides counselling for children and young people in care, and supports foster parents in undertaking their carer role. 
  • Children and Parenting Program (CAPP) aims to improve children's development and wellbeing and support the capacity of those in a parenting role.

More information

  • Family and Child Connect
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  • Intensive Family Support Service
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  • Systemic Counselling for Optimal Placement Experience
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  • Family Intervention Service
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Intensive Family Support volunteers
Provide in-home parenting support to help families meet their family case plan goals, such as implementing routines.

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Family law services
UnitingCare’s family law services work with intact and separated families to protect essential bonds between parents and their children in times of difficulty or separation, in a safe and supportive way.
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Domestic and family violence
UnitingCare is passionate about working with families and children to move toward safe and comfortable family lives. We do this through crisis accommodation, counselling, and men’s behaviour change programs.
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Outback families
Life in the Outback can have its challenges. UnitingCare offers families a range of early childhood education, including playgroups, parenting support, in-home care and more, as well as support for communities doing it tough.