Kent's story

June 7, 2018

Kent plays a crucial role in helping the Brisbane Broncos prepare for game days.


It all began in 2016. After a few attempts at engaging Kent with volunteer work, a microenterprise and other activities, UnitingCare Lead Practitioner, Damien, hit on the idea of pursuing Kent’s passion for sports.


As Kent was a mad-keen Brisbane Broncos supporter who never missed a game, Damien contacted the team, who invited Kent to run the waters during practice. He did so well that he was invited to help with putting away the tackle bags and collecting the balls.

two men with Brisbane Broncos t-shirts

Today, Kent helps set up for training sessions by preparing drinks, putting the pads and other training gear out, making sure the balls are pumped and runs water for the team during training. One of Kent’s favourite players, Sam Thaiday, says that Kent “is an important part of the team’s routine and preparation and getting ready for the game.”


It’s been a big personal transformation for Kent. The once-shy young man is now comfortable around the team, and is confident in walking up to legendary coach Wayne Bennett and shaking his hand without hesitation. He’s even improved his fitness – he’s kept busy running waters during training sessions, and has been inspired to pursue other health activities off the field. Go Kent!