UnitingCare Family and Disability Services calls for foster carers in the Moreton Bay region

March 4, 2019

UnitingCare is seeing an increased need in the Moreton Bay region for different levels of care for a number of children and young people.

Karen Chamberlain, Regional Manager North Coast, said this course can only change if help is provided from caring individuals and families in the community who are willing to open up their hearts and their home so that children in need can have a bright and successful future.

“What most people don’t realise is that supporting in a small way can make a huge amount of difference,” Ms Chamberlain said.

“There are a number of ways people can help a child or family in need and it doesn’t always have to be on a long term basis.

“There are many ways people can become a foster carer. For instance, we have foster carers who provide weekend support or even short term or emergency care.”

Ms Chamberlain said she wanted people to know UnitingCare aren’t asking them to do it on their own.

“At UnitingCare we provide round the clock support with a 24 hour on-call service, we regularly meet with our carers through home visits and we also provide a number of educational resources and tools to support our carers,” she said.

“Becoming a foster carer can be very rewarding and allows carers to use their skills and life experiences for the benefit of others.”

Individuals and families can help children and young people to reach their full potential by providing a safe home or environment.

Anyone considering becoming a foster carer can contact UnitingCare at 1300 554 240; UnitingCare is one of the largest providers of foster care in Queensland and provide complete support to our carers from the initial information session right through to specialised training and assessment.