Urologist helps establish accuracy of prostate cancer biopsies

November 26, 2020

A urologist from Buderim Private Hospital has been instrumental in publishing a study in an international journal which establishes the accuracy of prostate cancer biopsies.

Dr Tony Gianduzzo worked with colleagues from The Wesley Hospital’s Centre of Excellence for Robotic Surgery to publish a paper in the international supplement edition of the British Journal of Urology which documents a methodology to follow that is proven to result in accurate prostate cancer biopsies.

“The study compares biopsies of an area of interest to biopsies taken from near the suspicious area and analyses the data to demonstrate the biopsy results are highly accurate,” Dr Tony Gianduzzo said.

“For the first time, the research published demonstrates that the results of the prostate cancer biopsies are highly accurate in terms of identifying cancerous and non-cancerous lesions and gives other urologists a clear methodology to follow to achieve the same results,” he said.

The study was approved by the UnitingCare Human Research Ethics Committee and conducted over an 18-month period involving men who were treated by Dr Gianduzzo at his Buderim Urology Clinic.

“I think Australia is leading the world in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer and Buderim Private Hospital and The Wesley Hospital are playing an important role in contributing to these advances,” Dr Gianduzzo said.

Dr Gianduzzo urges men to stay vigilant about their health and ensure they get routine check-ups.

“See your GP regularly, get your PSA checked and feel confident about the high-standard of testing, diagnosis and treatment options that are available for prostate cancer,” Dr Gianduzzo said.

Karen Clark, Buderim Private Hospital General Manager, said the research builds on the hospital’s long commitment to men’s health and the provision of services to diagnose and treat a range of common health conditions, including both benign and malignant prostate issues.

“Congratulations to Dr Gianduzzo and his colleagues for publishing this important research which will help ensure men across Australia receive accurate and high quality test results,” Mrs Clark said.

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