UnitingCare Statement of Support for the Voice to Parliament

June 8, 2023

UnitingCare has a deep and abiding commitment to working in respectful partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to constructively and practically make a difference in their lives.

Supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart and in the forthcoming referendum on a First Nations Voice to Parliament aligns strongly with the mission practices that are central to our work, in particular: Standing up for what is fair and just, and; Walking together with First Peoples.

Across our many healthcare, aged care, disability and community services, we have seen that respecting the knowledge and experience of First Peoples has helped us to deliver high quality services and sustainable outcomes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

We believe giving First People’s a voice in influencing the laws and policies that impact them represents a meaningful step towards lasting change. Through more culturally appropriate laws and policies, Australians will be better equipped to address ongoing harm and injustice; and move towards true healing and reconciliation.

UnitingCare stands with First Peoples to support a ‘yes’ vote to constitutional recognition for First Peoples through a Voice to Parliament.

Visit the UnitingCare Reconciliation page.