UnitingCare volunteer Anne loves giving back

February 1, 2024

From retail and events to administration and gift wrapping, Anne Pham is a UnitingCare volunteer all-rounder with a passion for helping people and giving back to the community.

Now a staff member in our People Advisory team, Anne began her UnitingCare journey in 2021, volunteering at our Lifeline shops in Ipswich. While she enjoyed her experience in retail, she decided to explore other volunteer opportunities with UnitingCare, because she feels aligned with our Mission and Values.

In 2022, she applied for a role at the corporate office and decided to join the Volunteer Experience Team as an administration assistant volunteer. Tasks included data entry, assisting with mail, phone calls and event support.

Supervisor Nancy Duran says it’s a pleasure to work alongside Anne.

“She is always willing to help with a smile,” Nancy says. “She is a quick and curious learner and Anne’s efficiency is outstanding. Her friendly demeanour has made her a great addition to our team.”

Anne has also volunteered at Lifeline Bookfest and UnitingCare’s Christmas wrapping event.

She believes volunteering has had a positive impact on her life, including giving her the chance to practise her social and communication skills, and developing friendships.

Anne feels proud to be part of UnitingCare because she knows excellent work is being delivered to the community. She is especially inspired by the Lifeline 13 11 14 Crisis Support Line.

In late 2022, Anne joined our People Advisory team as a staff member, but that hasn’t stopped her volunteering in her free time, and she is a loyal Bookfest volunteer.

“I love volunteering with UnitingCare because they have been very supportive and make me feel like an essential team member,” she says. “I am proud of being a volunteer, and I will recommend the experience to everyone.”

If you’re ready to change lives, yours included, visit our Volunteering Portal to find a volunteering role that suits you. For more information about the impact of volunteering at UnitingCare, visit our website to read our 2023 Volunteer Impact Report.