Suicide prevention and response

We respond to issues related to suicide in the Gympie region. You can rely on us for a listening ear, a friendly face and support that is specific and unique to each individual and situation.

How does RISC help?

The acronym ‘RISC’ also describes the services we provide — referral, information (education), support and connection. We reach out to individuals, families, organisations and networks affected by suicide, and support people through events, training and activities.

Who does RISC help?

Through the RISC program we support:

  • People who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, self-harming behaviours and conditions that could lead to either of these.
  • The family members of people at risk of suicide.
  • People with a lived experience of suicide through their own actions, or the death of someone close to them.

How to access RISC support

We are here for you. Please give us a call at the Gympie office on 07 5480 3400.