Parenting support during separation

Separating is a heartbreaking process that brings significant changes to every family member, especially children. We encourage parents to navigate separation in a way that puts their children first, and gives their kids structure and routine to ensure they still feel loved and safe.


Family Dispute Resolution is a free service helping couples come to an understanding on parenting plans, private child support agreements, property and financial division, and agreements for new and changing situations.


Our goal is to keep families out of court by setting up a mutually agreed way of operating as co-parents in a two-home family.


Unit 1, 43-45 Primary School Court
Maroochydore, Queensland

How does Family Dispute Resolution help?

Our qualified family dispute resolution practitioners facilitate conversations between separating couples in hopes of creating parenting plans that work for everyone. We also assist in the division of property and assets.


The safety and development of children remain our priority, and our purpose is to act in their best interest. During the resolution process, we have child-inclusive practitioners working with children to understand how they feel and what they need during and after separation. Feedback is provided to parents.


Throughout the family dispute resolution process, we continually screen those involved to make sure it is safe for them to continue using the service.

Who does Family Dispute Resolution help?

Parents who are separating.

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This service is funded by the Australian Government.

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