UnitingCare Queensland has partnered with Smartek


Smartek is a third party compliance verification service to obtain and maintain compliance and qualification information for its suppliers.


All suppliers that have a contract with UnitingCare Queensland or one of its service groups (Blue Care, UnitingCare Health and UnitingCare Community) and have compliance requirements are required to register with Smartek.


Smartek will reduce risk and help improve governance, it will also assist suppliers to manage their records and compliance documents for all their staff members through the cloud. Once they are signed up to Smartek, suppliers will find that the reduction in time and effort involved in gathering and verifying documentation, monitoring status changes and managing the compliance process will allow them to focus more on building business opportunities. Read our frequently asked questions below.


Some of the other advantages for suppliers include:      

Preregistration for faster on-boarding


Suppliers who would like to be considered to provide services can be pre-approved within the system so that when service groups require they can start immediately. The system also allows sites to search for suppliers who are compliant.

Cost–effective way to reduce risk


Smartek will reduce risk to suppliers by ensuring they don’t lose business due to non-conformance, information inaccuracies, failing to comply with government regulations or client requirements.

Smartek certification


Smartek can give suppliers peace of mind as they will receive automatic electronic notifications when important status or compliance changes occur, allowing them to respond quickly.

Simplified collection of records


Smartek helps deliver important information to clients without having to respond to each one individually. Suppliers will have the ability to create one single file containing the information their clients require. This eliminates the need to send out the same information over and over again in different formats to different clients. Smartek will also ensure that the most current information is provided to clients on every occasion.

Flexible document management and archiving


Smartek has flexible search and report capabilities that can help save time by producing appropriate documents for clients to view.

Questions? Contact the UnitingCare Queensland Procurement Services on procurement@ucareqld.com.au or (07) 3253 4000


Here are some frequently asked questions about Smartek.

  • Q1: What is Smartek?

    Smartek is a third party compliance verification service which is owned and run by Barrington Group. Smartek operates a web based portal that has the ability to monitor supplier compliance requirements such as industry licenses, police checks, Blue Cards, Yellow Cards, as well as insurance policies, financial and safety records, ABNs and ACNs.

  • Q2: I have been doing business with UnitingCare Queensland or one of its service groups for many years. Why am I being asked to provide this information now?

    UnitingCare Queensland is required to comply with a number of new regulatory requirements. These requirements are becoming increasingly stringent and it is important that all UnitingCare Queensland suppliers are properly qualified.

    We believe Smartek registration is beneficial to our suppliers because it eliminates the need for them to make multiple submissions of compliance and qualification information to multiple parties. Smartek also provides timely alerts for upcoming expiry dates of all required information and is also a great business tool for our suppliers.

    UnitingCare Queensland wants to execute the compliance/qualification information process as efficiently as possible to maximize valuable time for suppliers and service groups.

  • Q3: What is the cost of registration with Smartek?

    In order to deliver the best value for all parties a sliding scale of registration fees is in place:

    Ltd or Pty Ltd company: $400+GST/annum

    Sole Trader: $200+GST/annum

  • Q4: Do I need to register with Smartek?

    In order to continue to do business with UnitingCare Queensland, organisations with a contract and/or compliance requirements will be required to register with Smartek.

  • Q5: What if my organisation is already registered with Smartek?

    Smartek is used by a number of organisations across Australia, if your organisation is already registered with Smartek; all you need to do is log into your Smartek account and associate with UnitingCare Queensland. If you have any queries, please submit your question/concern to Smartek.

  • Q6: If I register with Smartek for UnitingCare Queensland, must I register a second time if another organisation asks me to register?

    No, you would not need to register a second time; you can simply follow the rules in Q6.

  • Q7: Is Smartek safe?

    Smartek is a cloud based system hosted at a secure location within Australia with physical safeguards, access protection, system redundancy and daily backups of data. Secure Sockets Layer technology (SLL) with 2048 but encryption is used for all pages and Smartek complies to AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009

  • Q8: What if I have technical problems working the Smartek system?

    Please feel free to contact Smartek on 1300 238 724 for technical support or for more information visit the Smartek website.