Meet Nathan

Three years ago, Nathan was a young man with his fair share of challenging moments. These included difficulties mainly caused by his autism — yet he didn't let this hold him back from achieving his dreams.

Now 21, he is DJ KrazeeNath, spinning the decks at paid gigs, broadcasting live on a local Brisbane radio station, and getting out and about to comedy clubs with his good mate and disability support worker, Mark.

Nathan's Mission Possible with UnitingCare Queensland
“I’m proud of being a performer on the radio station.” — Nathan

Nathan has always been a bit of a performer, making his teachers at school laugh, and performing impromptu stand-up comedy for friends. But it was a DJ friend who inspired Nathan to try it for himself. Together, Nathan and Mark applied for funding. “One of Nathan’s goals is to be a DJ to earn money.” Mark says. “We found opportunities for him to get the DJ equipment so he could get work.”


And work he did. Nathan’s first paid DJ gig was at an awards night. “The first one was full-on – like it was intense!” Nathan says.


Nathan also has a weekly on-air stint at a radio station, where he compiles a news report and greets listeners and guests. But he never lets nerves get in the way: “I say to myself, ‘I really want to get this done!’ And I say afterwards: ‘Well that’s done, good for that!’”

Nathan and Mark also enjoy a weekly comedy night together. “We watch the new comedians, grab a drink and stay out late, as 21-year-olds do.” says Mark.


All of these things are important steps along Nathan’s path to reaching his dream. “We’re fulfilling that goal of his of being a performer, being heard and getting himself out there.”


Mark shared his story too. Watch Mark's story now or view all Mission Possible stories.


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