Family support in Mossman and the Daintree

At UnitingCare, we advocate wholeheartedly for Improving quality of life for vulnerable families having a tough time – often compounded by social isolation in the Daintree – and do everything we can to achieve.

We run a range of free services for children and their families who might need ideas, information and support to overcome painful challenges, which can include financial hardship, trauma, family issues, social isolation, and much more.

We support families to better support each other through the ups and downs, and how to create loving, healthy and positive relationships.


Mossman Community Centre Blue Care
27 Mill Street,
Queensland, 4873
1300 096 203

How does Child and Parent Support help?

Our free initiatives include:

  • Meeting in your home to discuss parenting needs.
  • Education on effective parenting strategies, such as Circle of Security and Bringing Up Great Kids.
  • Helping parents or carers develop stronger relationships with their children.
  • Offering child counselling.
  • Practical support, such as helping children get to appointments.
  • Running playgroups and group programs.

Who does Child and Parent Support help?

We help children aged between 0-12, and their families or carers living in the Mossman and Daintree region. Please note: We are not unable to assist those who are subject to statutory child protection intervention through the Child Safety department.

How to access Child and Parent Support

We accept self-referrals, and referrals from schools and other community support agencies. Call us on 1300 096 203 or complete the form below.