Support for children and families on the Gold Coast

We are an early intervention and prevention initiative supporting vulnerable children and their families to improve their relationships, development, health, wellbeing and much more.


We play a facilitation role by collaborating with service providers to explore a raft of issues our local children and families are facing, and then design community programs to bridge those gaps and provide support that really makes a difference to their lives.


Oxenford and Coomera Community Youth Centre
25 Leo Graham Way
Queensland 4210

How does NGCCFC help?

We take an early intervention approach, coupled with a lot of community consultation, to improve how families relate to each other, improve parenting skills, and strive for positive early childhood development and wellbeing.

This is done through many programs we help deliver, including counselling, literacy programs, nurse-supported assistance, sports and educational programs, and much more.

Some of our programs and community partners include:

Who does NGCCFC help?

We support Northern Gold Coast families with children aged between 0 and 12, and in some instances, may include people up to 18 years. Our catchment includes communities between Gavin and Helensvale up to Ormeau.

Contact us

If your organisation would like to collaborate with us, please call 07 5580 4993 or fill out the form below.