We’re with you through thick and thin

We all face testing times, but in the Outback, people face a unique set of challenges that often require additional support.


UnitingCare is here to support you when you need it most, whether we’re helping you to feel more confident in your parenting, offer your child more opportunities to develop and learn, or you live in a drought or cyclone-affected area and your community needs some assistance dealing with a significant event or problem. You’ll be glad to know we’re with you through thick and thin.

  • North Queensland Rural Family Support

    • Do you need help to better manage family or behavioural issues?
    • We offer support to parents/carers and children to assist with overall wellbeing, parenting and children’s development
    • Available for families with children aged up to 18 across the North Queensland and the Charters Towers region

    Often we need support but one-on-one counselling seems too confronting or overwhelming. That’s where we can help.

    Our service can assist with:

    • Improving the wellbeing and safety of children, young people
    • Building the capacity of parents to care for, protect and raise their children
    • Providing links to local support services, community groups and parenting groups
    • Providing resources to families to deal with and manage family issues
    • Parenting tips, workshops and opportunities to meet with other parents

    For assistance, contact:

    Ph: 07 4775 9107
    Email: nqruralfamilysupport@uccommunity.org.au

  • Children and families in the Injune region (Injune Child and Family)

    • Are you concerned about your child’s development or your parenting ability?
    • We offer support to parents/carers and children to assist with overall wellbeing, parenting and children’s development
    • Available for families with children aged up to 12, in Injune

    The wellbeing of children and family is our number one goal. To help increase awareness and engagement with your child’s development, we offer a one-stop shop support to parents/carers and children to assist with overall wellbeing, parenting and children’s development.


    Through our friendly, approachable services, we aim to increase parental capabilities; assist with creating healthy and happy children; and increase access to regional services such as childcare, playgroups, speech pathology and schools.


    Our face-to-face delivery (available in your home or our office) ensures a personal experience and strong results. It’s about connecting people to the right service at the right time.


    For more assistance, contact:

    Cas Sorensen
    Ph: 0407 629 769
    Email: cas.sorensen@uccommunity.org.au
    Opening hours: 9am-3pm

  • Tackling Regional Adversity

    • Is your community in crisis or a vulnerable situation, or being challenged by a significant event such as cyclone or drought?
    • We can assist with providing a co-ordinated local response to build capacity and community resilience through targeted activities
    • Townsville, Mackay and Mt Isa/the North West regions of Queensland

    People from the Outback are born tough, and resilience comes with the territory. We’re all human, though, and events like severe drought or cyclones can test the mental health of the best of us. With a focus on capacity building, we work with communities to enable them to manage crises or significant issues. Activities are customised to communities to enable people and families to come together in a supportive, non-threatening environment to share stories, to offer support to each other in similar circumstances, and gain information and resources.


    Think of us as an enabler. We work with the community to develop co-ordinated service responses; to identify their own resources and ensure that these are utilised when most needed.


    Family Day Care
    Ph: 07 4775 9100
    Email: richard.tanna@uccommunity.org.au

  • Remote Area Families Service (RAFS)

    • Looking for resources to help support your child’s education and development needs?
    • We can provide tailored information, resources and support to families
    • Available to parents of children aged up to 12 in Charleville, Emerald, Longreach, Mt Isa and Mareeba

    Early childhood is a crucial stage in the learning journey, so it’s important that children and families have the right support.


    We can provide you with:

    • Mobile playgroups in town or on properties
    • Home visits for early years education and support
    • Play-based activities at community events and open days
    • Toy library and parent resource library
    • Quarterly newsletters
    • Support packs
    • Information and advice (by phone or email)
    • Referral to other services

    RAFS operates from five key bases and services a large number of bordering regions. For more information contact your local RAFS team:

    Charleville – Roma, Dirranbandi, along NSW border, Betoota, Windorah, Tambo, Injune, all areas in between

    Phone: 0439 922 815
    Email: charleville.rafs@uccommunity.org.au

    Emerald (based in Mackay) – Charters Towers, Nebo, Taroom, Bymount, Tambo, Alpha, Duaringa, back to Charters Towers, all areas in between

    Phone: 0439 932 958
    Email: emerald.rafs@uccommunity.org.au

    Longreach – Charters Towers, Jericho, Tambo, Windorah, Kynuna, Richmond, along the Flinders Highway and all areas in between

    Phone: 0439 963 603
    Email: longreach.rafs@uccommunity.org.au

    Mt Isa – Queensland areas of Normanton, Neila, Kynuna, Birdsville, the Northern Territory border, the Gulf of Carpentaria. Northern Territory areas: Camooweal, Three Ways, Elliot, Cape Crawford and all areas in between

    Phone: 0439 912 957
    Email: mtisa.rafs@uccommunity.org.au

    North Queensland (based in Mareeba) – Charters Towers, Maxwelton, Richmond, Normanton, Coen, Laura and all areas in between

    Phone: 0447 115 083
    Email: nq.rafs@uccommunity.org.au

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