Graduate nursing positions across Queensland

Give your healthcare career the best possible start when you join the graduate nursing programs for Registered Nurses or Enrolled Nurses at UnitingCare’s four hospitals in Queensland.

As a UnitingCare hospital graduate, you will be part of a world-renowned healthcare team, learning in one of Queensland’s tertiary hospitals with a reputation for graduate support, retention and success.

At our hospitals, individuals, families and communities can find the support they need to achieve positive health and life outcomes through patient-centred, compassionate care. We believe everyone should be able to live life in all its fullness.

Our hospitals bring together clinical teams, healthcare professionals and technology to deliver exceptional holistic care for our patients and their families.

Clinical rotations

We offer a range of graduate programs for newly qualified nurses working across our hospitals in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay. They provide an opportunity for you to learn on the job, as you move from study to professional practice. Depending on the hospital, our 12-month programs are available part time or full time, with streams including:

  • General nursing stream.
  • Midwifery/nursing stream.
  • Perioperative stream.

Visit each hospital website to learn more and apply when applications open.

Nurse graduate program highlights

When you’re newly qualified, entering the world of work can seem daunting. With our Graduate Nurse Program, you gain the experience you need to be an excellent nurse with the support of the UnitingCare hospital group behind you. Our Graduate Nurse Program is an opportunity to make a meaningful difference, together. Here’s what to expect.

UnitingCare hospitals

UnitingCare has one of the largest private not-for-profit hospital groups in Queensland, renowned for clinical excellence across a range of specialised areas, including robotic surgery, oncology, cardiac services, orthopaedic surgery and maternity services.

Our patients access a range of specialist healthcare services from hospitals that are as diverse and unique as the communities they serve.

Intake dates and application details are posted on each hospital website – click through to find out more.

Two participants of the graduate nurse program gather around a monitor at St Stephen’s Hospital.
St Stephen’s Hospital, Hervey Bay
A smiling young participant in Buderim Private Hospital’s graduate nurse program.
Buderim Private Hospital, the Sunshine Coast
A smiling participant in the St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital graduate nurse program.
St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane
A young Wesley Hospital graduate nurse program participant smiles as she assists a patient in a hospital bed.
The Wesley Hospital, Brisbane

New graduate nurse program eligibility

To be eligible for a UnitingCare hospital Graduate Nurse Program, candidates must be:

  • Eligible to register with AHPRA prior to commencement of the Graduate Nurse Program.
  • Able to undertake up to 12 months’ full-time or part-time employment.
  • A current Australian citizen or permanent resident; New Zealand citizen; or other visas with full working rights (such as waiting for a graduate visa grant). There will be no sponsorships available for student visa holders.

Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to do before making my application?

    Gather all the information you need to make an informed decision about your application and hospital choice. Please visit the hospital website you are interested in to read specific information regarding the Graduate Nurse Program and the key intake dates. It is very important that you do your research before you submit your application online.

    We also recommend having your CV and cover letter ready to upload. You will need your graduation dates and study dates.

  • How do I apply?

    You will be able to lodge your application online via our electronic recruitment system when applications open for each hospital (you can create a profile beforehand). Applications will include your CV and cover letter, as well as selection criteria.

    Please be sure to provide a valid email address. Each hospital will review all applications and let you know if you have been successful in progressing to the next stage. You can view and update your details or withdraw your application up until the closing date via our e-recruit system, under “View Application History”. You will need your username and password to re-access your member profile.

  • When is the closing date?

    Closing dates for applications can be found on the Graduate Nurse Program page of each hospital.

  • What are the selection/eligibility criteria for employment?

    As a Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse applicant, you will need to:

    • Have successfully graduated your study and be eligible to register with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) prior to commencement of the program.
    • Be able to undertake up to 12 months’ full-time or part-time employment.
    • Be a current Australian citizen or permanent resident; New Zealand citizen; or other visas with full working rights (such as waiting for a graduate visa grant). No sponsorships are available for student visa holders.
    • Display effective interpersonal skills and be able to build rapport with a diverse range of people.
    • Demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional development.
    • Be willing to embrace the values of UnitingCare.
  • What is the recruitment process?

    The recruitment process includes the following steps:

    • Application.
    • Shortlisting tasks.
    • Selection day/face-to-face interview and exam.
    • Pre-employment screening.
    • Offer of employment.
  • My application has progressed to shortlisting tasks – what are they?

    Candidates who meet our selection criteria will be asked to complete the following shortlisting tasks:

    • Verbal reasoning (Stage 1) – Candidates must meet a minimum requirement to progress.
    • Logical reasoning (Stage 2) – Candidates must meet a minimum requirement to progress.
  • What happens on selection day?

    During a graduate selection day, you may participate in activities designed to assess your competence, job fit and organisational fit for the role, such as:

    • Welcome session.
    • Clinical knowledge assessment – In order to work effectively and successfully as a nurse with UnitingCare hospitals, a certain level of clinical competence (knowledge and skills) is required. Your clinical competence will be evaluated in a short written assessment. This assessment is timed.
    • Group exercise (Wesley applications only) – During this activity, you will meet with a group of your colleagues to problem solve a required set of criteria. You will be provided with all the information and materials you need on the day to participate in this activity. You will be assessed on your contribution, so it is important you actively participate. You will also be assessed on your preparation and self-reflection, so it is important that you provide a well thought through response. The group exercise will assess your capability to build relationships, work as a team and achieve objectives.
    • Behavioural/motivational interview – You will meet with two interviewers who will ask questions that focus on motivational fit (what motivates or demotivates you at work); career fit (career or development goals); and customer/patient focus (ability to offer excellence customer service, with examples).
  • How do I prepare for a selection day?

    Preparation is essential for a successful selection day. If you are not familiar with UnitingCare or the hospital, do some research to glean more about our culture, values, vision and mission.

    If you are an internal candidate, it is important you participate in the activities and answer interview questions as if the interviewer/assessor does not know you – you should give as much information as possible.

  • What is pre-employment screening?

    UnitingCare hospitals are focused on creating a Towards Zero Harm environment for all employees. As part of this strategy, preferred candidates are required to participate in the pre-employment health assessment and immunisation screening:

    • Immunisation Screening Questionnaire – UnitingCare hospitals endeavour to ensure workplace health and safety requirements are met in order to protect workers and our patients from exposure to vaccine preventable diseases. As part of this duty of care, UnitingCare needs to ensure that the infectious disease risk to staff and patients is managed. Accordingly, UnitingCare requires job applicants to participate in a pre-employment Immunisation Health Assessment. On completion of the Immunisation Screening Questionnaire Form, the pre-employment questionnaire and evidence will be sent to the Staff Infection Control Coordinator at the relevant hospital, who will determine whether an applicant is required to undergo further screening/vaccinations prior to commencement.
    • Functional Capacity Assessment (Procare) – assesses whether a person is capable of performing the inherent requirements of the stated position for which an applicant is applying.
    • Reference checks – some hospitals may ask you to provide two referees. Preference would be at least one reference from a clinical placement.
    • Right to work check – we will run a check that assesses whether you have full rights to work in Australia.
  • How do I receive my Offer of Employment?

    You will be advised of the result of your application after the recruitment process is completed. You will be advised in writing via email one of the following outcomes:

    • You have been successful.
    • You have been placed on a second round offers list for any offers which may become available.
    • You have been unsuccessful.
  • How are positions allocated?

    Positions will be allocated by merit, where the best applicants are selected following a competitive process. This means applicants considered to be the most capable of performing the duties of the position are selected.

  • What is the Second Round Offer List?

    For applicants who are deemed suitable for employment but are not allocated a position because of the number of positions available, a second round offer list for employment will be created for opportunities that arise when further placements become available. You will be notified via email if your application has been held for second round offers.

  • Can I get feedback about my Interview?

    Due to the number of applications, feedback will be offered, if requested, only to candidates who have attended the selection day. In accordance with privacy laws, applications can only be discussed with the applicant.

  • What documents do I need to prove I am an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen?

    Examples of evidence are a copy of an Australian passport, Australian birth certificate, Permanent Residency visa or an Australian Citizenship Certificate. Examples of evidence for New Zealand citizens is a copy of a New Zealand passport. If the name on any of your documents is different from your application form or AHPRA registration, you must also provide evidence of name change, e.g. Marriage, Divorce or Change of Name Certificate. (Please do not assume that we will know you are an Australian citizen.)

  • How long do I have to confirm my offer of employment?

    If you are offered a position, you will have 48 hours from receipt of your contract in which to accept the offer.

  • What happens after I have accepted my offer of employment?

    Your contract and employment paperwork will be sent to you via email from our centralised recruitment team. You will need to return this written contract and employment paperwork within 48 hours of receiving the contract. Once it is returned, you will be provided with an employee number required for ordering of uniforms, etc. The Clinical Education team from your hospital will also remain in contact with you regarding hospital specific information, key dates, etc.