Cultural identity. Community relationships

Pinangba is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led service delivery arm of UnitingCare. The foundations of Pinangba are built from our cultural identity and strong community relationships and partnerships.


We deliver innovative, culturally informed services to progress Self-Determination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through unique and holistic care, prioritising social justice to nurture physical, mental and spiritual healing.


Pinangba operates as a branch of UnitingCare working collaboratively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Queensland. We deliver a range of services including aged care, respite, family therapy and drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.


We believe that the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander people has led us to service these communities in partnership with UnitingCare agencies, such as BlueCare, in search of healing through truth and justice.


Pinangba services operate in many communities across Queensland from the Torres Strait Islands to Cherbourg.

Elders villages

Close up of a man and a woman looking to the camera
Ny-Ku Byun Elders Village
Ny-Ku Byun Elders Village has an extended family tree of dedicated employees, respected Elders and welcomed visitors from all walks of life. The local council motto – Many Tribes, One Community – is seen every day at Ny-Ku Byun Elders Village.
man sitting on the sand drawing a symbol
Hollingsworth Elders Village
Hollingsworth Elders Village in Cairns offers quality care in a culturally supportive environment to provide Elders with a place of cultural, spiritual and social harmony. We have a dedicated team of health, care and hospitality professionals to provide holistic care.
Two Aboriginal women talking at a table
Shalom Elders Village
Shalom Elders Village is a sanctuary of comfort, care and tranquillity set in a quiet Townsville suburb. Along with providing premium care in a culturally appropriate setting, we make residents feel part of an extended and welcoming community.
two men sitting down talking
Star of the Sea Elders Village
Star of the Sea Elders Village is located on the edge of beauty on Thursday Island. We strive to empower our Elders in their day-to-day lives and improve health outcomes for Torres Strait Islander communities.

Alcohol rehabilitation and family therapy services

two women talking in stagpole
Stagpole Street Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Unit
Stagpole Street Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation unit offers residential alcohol and other drug rehabilitation services, specialising in culturally appropriate healing services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
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Cape York Family Centre
Cape York Family Centre provides residential alcohol and other drug rehabilitation services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. It accommodates the entire family unit and offers culturally appropriate healing services.

Pinangba strategy

Pinangba strategy manager Mia Hampson.
Community voice
Pinangba strategy manager Mia Hampson was a finalist in UnitingCare’s 2023 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership Reconciliation Award. Mia embodies UnitingCare’s Reconciliation values in her work leading the Pinangba strategy. Through extensive community consultation, including Elders, staff, and First Nations communities, Mia and her team have created a strategy which is considered and has the interests of our First Nations People at its heart – setting Pinangba up to support the communities in which they work over the long term.