Using the UnitingCare NDIS planning app

The UnitingCare NDIS planning app is free and can help you make the most of the NDIS. The app will guide you through the planning preparation process, keeps all your information in one place and allows you to connect and share your planning with your family and circle of support.


You can also easily print or email a plan ready summary of all your information that you can take to your NDIS planning meeting.

Available on tablet, iPad and mobile devices. Go to the Google Play or App Store and search for UnitingCare NDIS planning.
Using the app is simple
  1. Set up your profile
  2. Add your support crew
  3. Set your goals

Follow these three steps to get you underway on your NDIS journey.


Why use an app for my NDIS planning

Using an app to plan for your NDIS journey makes things simpler and easier.

  • The app guides you in setting up your goals, which are an important part of getting ready for your NDIS planning meeting
  • You can track your goals, and even upload documents or photos to show how you’re going with each goals
  • Easily edit your information if your circumstances change, or if you are getting ready for an NDIS plan review
  • Collaborate with your family, friends or support crew – this will be particularly helpful if you have lots of people in your life who support you, but you control how much access they have
  • Store all your planning documentation, including quotes, medical documents and other records, in one place
  • Print or email your information when you have NDIS plan meetings, and be ready and prepared for planning conversations


Get started today
  • Search UnitingCare NDIS planning in the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Install the app
  • Create a profile
  • Detail your supports
  • Invite others to help (your support crew)
  • Set goals
  • Print and email your plan ready summary


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