Foster carer stories

Watch the videos below to hear real foster carers share their experiences of fostering; why they got started, how they’ve been supported, and how they are changing the lives of the young people in their care. If you’d like to find out more about how you can make a difference, please fill in our enquiry form below.

Kylie tellling her foster carer story

Busy mum

Kylie is married, works full-time, and has three children of her own. ‘When the time came, everyone was super supportive. And the agency that we work with, UnitingCare, were incredible… they made it really easy’.

Brad and Damien tellling their foster carer story

Gay couple

Brad and Damien are a couple, who always wanted children of their own. ‘We’ve been foster carers for just over three years now. There’s so many amazing, unique situations, whether it’s long-term / short-term care, permanent care orders or even just respite care’.

Lesley tellling her foster carer story

Single woman

Lesley is a single mum who has helped many children over the years. ‘I’ve got one primary foster child whose now 17 – he came to me when he was three. I consider him my son now. I’ve had a lot of other kids … for months, weeks, days, overnight. Some stay in your life for a long time and some don’t. But you can make a positive difference to all of them’.

You could be a foster carer too

A lot of people doubt they are eligible to become foster carers, but the truth is carers come from all different lifestyles and backgrounds.

We welcome:

  • Individuals and couples of any gender or sexuality.
  • People with or without children of their own.
  • All cultures, religions and non-religious backgrounds.
  • Home owners or people who are renting (size of home unimportant).
  • People working full-time, part-time or who are retired.

Foster carers come from all walks of life. As long as you have the energy and enthusiasm to care for and nurture a child in your home, you could be a foster carer.

If this sounds like you, enquire now, or find out more on How to Become a Foster Carer here.

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