Right now, there are children living in non-family-based residential care who desperately want and deserve the emotional warmth and security of a home and family.

UnitingCare is seeking a special brand of foster carer, prepared to devote time and energy to become a life-changer to a child or siblings aged six to 12. UnitingCare needs more carers from all walks of life, religions and cultures to provide homes for this older age group.

Amanda Moormann, Regional Manager of UnitingCare’s Foster & Kinship Care & Placement Support Service, says: “Unfortunately, due to the shortage of carers to care for this age group, we have a number of young people ending up in non-family-based care. We really want to ensure that they can transition back to families who are able to care for them on an ongoing basis and nurture and support them.”

These children have made great progress through UnitingCare, with a team of dedicated people supporting them to overcome a range of difficulties. There is no doubt they will thrive in the right family home environment.

Who we need

The rewards of the right care cannot be overstated. Foster carers can play a huge role in the emotional and physical development of these very bright children, who just need people invested in them to reach their full potential. We especially need:

  • Patient, caring people (can be singles, couples or families).
  • People who can care for a boy, or siblings, aged 6-12. For siblings, it’s important they can remain together (separate bedrooms essential)
  • A safe, secure and stable family home as the children are supported to heal from emotional and physical experiences tied to the past.

As the boys are engaged in school full time, our focus is on finding family-based care on the north side of Brisbane and the Moreton Bay region so they can remain connected to their communities.

“Those boys have made leaps and bounds from when they came into care,” Amanda says.

“They are very capable and would transition well to family-based care,” she says. “They really would thrive. They love going out and doing things together, riding push bikes, going to parks, jumping on the trampoline. They love being with people. They are seeking that attachment and connection. A family that’s got time and loves the outdoors would be ideal.”

Support for foster carers

The UnitingCare foster and kinship team will be with you every step of the way along your foster caring journey. You will receive:

  • A high degree of intensive support.
  • Access to a carer support group that offers peer support.
  • Specialised advanced training and therapeutic support.
  • Financial aid from the foster carer allowance.
  • Access to NDIS funding specific to the individual needs of the child.
  • After-hours on-call assistance.

Amanda says the boys could be cared for “in a shared-care arrangement between two families or a family who could provide ongoing respite care to someone who may be able to provide primary care to one of these children”.

If you think you may be able to care for these children, we would like to hear from you.

Enquire now

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