Meet Tiana

Like most 17-year-olds who have just left school, Tiana is thinking about her future career. Her ambition is to one day own her own business. At one time though, she didn't think that such an ambition was possible for her.

Tiana always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. However, growing up with a physical and intellectual disability, she didn’t always have the confidence to pursue her dreams. Now, with the support and encouragement of her UnitingCare employment consultant Lacee, she’s gaining the skills and self-assurance to make that dream a reality.

Tiana's Mission Possible with UnitingCare Queensland
“Before, I didn’t have much confidence in myself. Since I met Lacee, I’ve gotten the skills to get out of my shell. We’re a team.”

Lacee explains: “To meet Tiana’s goal, we’re delivering a Transition to Work program at her state high school. It’s all about bridging the gap between high school and employment and making that transition as streamlined as possible. The things we did specifically were building her resume, doing mock interviews and building her confidence. We focus on her strengths and what she can do as opposed to what she can’t.”

“I’m different, but not less.” — Tiana

Their hard work paid off. Tiana secured a trainee retail position working at a newsagent and, in recognition of her efforts, was nominated School Based Apprentice or Trainee of the Year. Right now, she’s excited about her future and her confidence in herself continues to grow. “People say to me, ‘You’ve got a disability – you can’t do this.’ Well, no! If you can, I can.”


Lacee shared her story too. Watch Lacee's story now or view all Mission Possible stories.


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