Working with families in a safe and supportive way

Families and relationships can be challenging.


Sometimes problems arise in families that aren’t easily resolved. Sometimes two parents cannot stay living together happily or after separation. Sometimes these kinds of challenges require intervention and advice to help maintain co-operative parent relationships, as well as strong parent-child relationships.


UnitingCare’s family relationships services work with intact and separated families to protect essential bonds between parents and their children in times of difficulty or separation in a safe and supportive way. Our services can help individuals, couples and families improve relationship skills, prevent family breakdown or help separated families come to parenting arrangements to support children to be safe and secure.

A young boy plays blocks with his mum
Children’s Contact Service Logan
Providing a safe space for supervised visits, changeovers and therapy, we help parents and children no longer living together to have a close relationship through play and conversation.
An unhappy couple sit together on a couch
Family and Relationship Service
Family and Relationship Service provides counselling and group workshops to support families struggling with tension, conflict and challenging emotions, which are often barriers to positive relationships and a happy home.
A young child in a beanie plays on a swing with a parent on either side.
Family Dispute Resolution
We help separating couples with parenting plans, and property and financial agreements. We get parents on the same page to ensure their children remain the priority during a tough transition.
A young girl stands between her mother and father, who are sitting at a table with a mediator.
Family Relationship Centre
We help separating couples agree on parenting agreements. We get parents on the same page to ensure their children remain the priority while dealing with separation.
A young boy holding a teddy bear looks sad as his parents argue in the background.
Parenting Orders Program
We help parents understand the impact of conflict on children during separation. In a short course, parents are educated about communication and co-parenting to ensure their kids still feel safe.
A young girl sits on a couch, talking to a counsellor.
Supporting Children After Separation
Supporting Children After Separation is dedicated to helping kids overcome challenging emotions experienced in a divorce or separation. Through therapy we give them tools to help protect their long-term wellbeing.
Counselling for people affected by family and domestic violence.
Specialised Family Violence Service
Specialised Family Violence Service provides free counselling to individuals, couples and children affected by family and domestic violence. We provide education on how to build healthy and positive relationships.
An man and woman sit on a couch and sign a document.
UnitingCare Mediation Services
UnitingCare Mediation Services support people to overcome conflict using respectful communication in family, neighbourhood and business disputes. Our qualified mediators help people resolve issues and restore relationships.
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