Financial hardship can affect anyone, at any stage of life and for many reasons

If you're in this situation, remember that you are not alone. The government offers a number of key initiatives to help you get back on track.

Grants and support that may be available to you

  • Resilient Homes Fund

    We are supporting flood affected home owners in the Gladstone Local Government Area to access the Resilient Homes Fund to assist making your property more flood resilient.

  • Help meeting your electricity payments

    If you’re experiencing difficulty meeting your electricity payments, the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme (HEEAS) may help. The grant is available to Queensland households and can pay up to $720 of the current balance of energy bills.

  • Help meeting your utility bill payments

    The Australian government offers assistance to some people with a utility allowance.

  • Help through the Medical Cooling and Heating Concession Scheme

    The scheme allows people with a chronic medical condition to receive $340.85 per year towards the cost of their electricity.

  • Emergency relief support

    You can contact local community agencies for emergency aid. This includes food parcels, food vouchers, petrol cards, prescriptions, brokerage, clothing and furniture.

Additional information

Take action
Don’t ignore any letters or communications sent to you by the creditor. The sooner you can discuss alternatives with them, the better.
Make a payment plan
Work out a budget that you are sure you will be able to stick to, then contact your creditor to set up a reduced payment agreement. Keep to the agreement that you set up with the creditor.
Know your rights
Know your legal rights by speaking with a legal representative.
Talk with a financial counsellor
Before your car is repossessed, check your contract to confirm that your car is secured on the loan, e.g. held as security. If you don’t have a copy of your contract contact your creditor to ask for one.

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