Life-enriching travel experiences for people with disability


We believe travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures and everyone should have the opportunity to see the world.


That’s why we curate a wide range of inspirational travel experiences and assisted holidays for people with disability, working with you to design your perfect trip. We can also create custom, fully personalised travel experiences and itineraries to help you realise your travel dreams.


With Beyond Borders Travel, our team takes care of all the practical details — so you can focus on having fun!


Expert knowledge and NDIS specialists


We’ve been helping Australians with disability realise their potential for more than 30 years — so we understand your travel needs better than anyone. We’re also an experienced NDIS provider, so we can help you explore ways to achieve your travel goals through your NDIS plan.


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Small group sizes


Our small group holidays tailor travel experiences to suit everyone, with lots of opportunities to make new friends. We do this by deliberately keeping our group sizes small, with average group sizes of just 4 people.

"I go on these holidays every year and enjoy meeting new friends. I have been attending holidays for at least 10 years – they are a fantastic team of people to go on holiday with."

Tailored experiences


Our holiday experiences are totally flexible, which means we can customise the activities and experiences on each trip to suit you and your fellow travellers. Prefer to travel on your own? Our ‘create your own holiday’ option gives you the freedom to design a unique itinerary from scratch.

"I met a lot of new friends, achieved my goal by of seeing race car driving in real life and would definitely attend another holiday."

Freedom to choose


We’re constantly expanding the range of activities and experiences we offer, giving you more choices and destinations than ever before. Whether you want a short break or an international adventure-of-a-lifetime, we’ll go above and beyond to make it happen.

"My favourite holidays, of which there have been 16, have been Gympie Muster and Tamworth."

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